1997 Watson 3100CM Drilling Rig
2002 Watson 3110CM Drilling Rig  

Asking Price:$435,000
F.O.B. Toronto, Ontario

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1997 Watson 3100CM
Engine: 6CT8.3L Cummins Engine
Transmission: Clark Powershift Transmission 32000
Kelly Bar Set: 80-ft. Drilling Depth (2 kelly 8”/ 6” inner)
Main Winch 25,000 lbs line pull, air clutch disengage
Service Winch: 16,000 lbs Service winch
Swing Dual swing drive
Slide: 60” Slide. Extended drill radius to 156”.
Crowd: 50,000 lb. Crowd Force
Rotary: 113,000 ft. lbs Rotary Torque
Operator cab: Fully enclosed with cabin heater

Only 3000 hours on new engine and transmission;
replaced in December 2006.

Watson crawler base with 5° tilt

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1997 Watson 3100
1997 Watson 3100
1997 Watson 3100
1997 Watson 3100